Monday, September 17, 2007

And in Edmonton...

You had to know that super-fetus fetishist homophobe nutbar Bill Whatcott wouldn't be running any ordinary everyday mayoral campaign in Edmonton. It was only a matter of time before the Mad Pamphleteer of the Apocalypse started doing that thang he does, and the campaign literature started scraping bottom of the barrel:

"An anti-abortion and anti-gay-rights activist from Saskatchewan is raising some eyebrows during his run for the job of Edmonton's mayor.

Bill Whatcott is distributing pamphlets in east Edmonton that show a graphic depiction of current Mayor Stephen Mandel's head between two apparently gay men who are wearing little clothing." [...]

"Whatcott says that Mandel marches in gay-rights parades ``so he should be quite happy to be placed there.''

Police said there's really nothing they can do about the pamphlets.

``It doesn't fit inappropriate or obscene material under the Criminal Code,'' said Staff Sgt. Kevin Galvin of the Edmonton city police."

The cops have a point: tasteless and classless is still legal. But when Whatcott starts indulging his obsession with pictures of prolapsed rectums and anal warts, the cops might be singing a different tune. Not that it matters to this guy, he has a long history of this shit, and fining him doesn't seem to make any difference.

It seems like a lot of real whackjobs are running for some office or other lately, and their campaigns are little more than an opportunity to raise the profile on their particular obsession -- specifically, abortion and gay marriage. They know they won't win the seat they're running for, they're only concerned with getting "their message" out. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion, but I wonder if using faux-election campaigns to do so is a bit of an abuse of the process. I'm ambivalent about it, really -- if nothing else, they provide entertainment value in what would otherwise be deadly dull campaigns.