Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bubbleheads challenge bubble zone

Sad to say, this story comes not from deepest darkest Kansas, but from right here in beautiful BC. Two anti-abortion protesters who were arrested for protesting inside the protected "bubble zone" around a womens' health clinic are challenging the bubble zone law, claiming it's unconsititutional:

"Two anti-abortion activists want the B.C. law that provides a bubble zone around abortion clinics struck down as unconstitutional.

Donald Spratt and Gordon Watson were in the B.C. Court of Appeal yesterday and today appealing their conviction for breaching the Access to Abortion Services Act.

Donald and Gordon. Hmm. And of course Donald and Gordon know just how it feels to have an unwanted pregnancy. But I digress...

"We want the act to be declared unconstitutional" on grounds that it infringes on the right to free speech and expression, said Spratt's lawyer, Scott Stenbeck. The legislation, enacted in 1995, bans anyone from protesting, handing out pamphlets, physically interfering or intimidating patients, doctors and nurses within 50 metres of an abortion clinic."

Uterus-less Donald and Gordon are obviously nitwits being taken for a short ride by their lawyer, Scott (also not the proud owner of a uterus) who's scamming some pin money out of them by taking on their losing appeal. The bubble zone law doesn't infringe on their free speech rights: it only keeps them from exercising those rights in a particular location. Fire and crowded theatres come to mind here. And since these days we're supposedly living in a security environment that necessitates the government designate "protest zones" at events like the SPP summit -- are those protesters' free speech rights also being infringed upon? See how this works?

My patience is rapidly wearing thin with these depraved nutbars; next they'll want to come right into our houses and preach their bullshit at us (or worse). As if they aren't irritating and intrusive enough, waving their stupid signs and wheeling around in their dumbass fetusmobiles©, they want to stand right outside clinic doors, manhandling (or worse) doctors and patients and generally making the whole experience as bad as possible.

For all their ersatz blather about how terrible abortion is for women, they're the only ones trying to make it that way. The only traumatic aspect of my own abortion was a verbal attack by a fetus fetishist cunt of a nurse who approached as I lay semi-conscious on a gurney after surgery. She asked me what I'd had done, I said "Uh, D&C", and she spat at me "It wasn't a D&C, it was an abortion! An abortion!" If I hadn't been so woozy, I'd have grabbed a chair and hit her over the head with it. As it was, I was unable to do anything but drunkenly prop myself up on my elbows: "Say what?" but she was already gone. No doubt in search of another victim to verbally slap around post-op. And that's just a minor example of how those people treat the women they claim to care so much about. Don't even get me started on how they treat the doctors. Bubble zones aren't going anywhere, if anything they should be made bigger. 20 miles would be good.