Monday, September 24, 2007

Cover up

In San Mateo, California, the parents of local school kids are saying "Cover up that yucky truck, you stupid fuck!" A fetus trucker has been forced to cover up the gross images plastered all over his fetusmobile© ... which he parks every day in a church parking lot... during the school hours... just down the street from an elementary school. Good thinking, asshole!

"A pro-life activist has agreed to cover the graphic pictures of aborted fetuses adorning his truck while it is parked at St. Matthews Catholic Church during school hours.

Ross Foti set off a firestorm of debate at the church when he started parking his truck on Notre Dame Avenue while parents drove past to drop their children off at school. Foti’s A-frame truck contains large posters of unborn fetuses with signs that read “abortion is murder.” He began parking the car at the church every morning at the beginning of the school year. Parents began holding sheets in front of the truck to prevent passing elementary children from seeing the graphic pictures.

The friction between the school, church and Foti erupted Thursday when Foti and Father Anthony McGuire got into a confrontation that multiple parents described as something more than a argument but less than a large fight. That evening, Foti sent a letter acquiescing and the next day school principal Ken Boegel informed parents via e-mail that Foti agreed to cover the truck."

Too bad it took the parents getting together to give the fetus fetishist an asskicking to make it sink into his thick, impenetrable skull that maybe parking a gory disgusting fetusmobile© down the street from a little kids' school is a Bad Idea. Why won't they think of the children!!!