Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Craig returns to senate

Hmm, looks like Senator Larry Widestance is serious about digging his heels in and fighting his guilty plea. But when Craig showed up to the Senate yesterday after a 3-week absence, he got a bit of a cool reception from his fellow Republicans:

"Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) stood alone on the Senate floor Tuesday, much like a lonely kid at a high school dance." [...]

"After sitting quietly Tuesday through the Senate Republican Conference’s weekly luncheon, Craig addressed the senators — a group that once gave Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) a standing ovation during his post-scandal redemption tour but has largely kicked Craig to the curb.

Craig apologized for bringing any embarrassment to the Senate, according to two aides in the room. And he reiterated his intention to pursue all of his legal options, which include withdrawing his guilty plea, senators and aides said."

Given what's been happening with some of their other Republican comrades this week, Craig should be starting to look pretty good, even to those bigots. At least the guy Craig came on to was a grownup!