Sunday, September 02, 2007

Don't appease them

The Kentucky Park Service is being assailed with questions from idiotic creationists (now there's a redundancy) disputing the naturalist displays that don't jibe with what they "learned" at the Creation "museum". For example, a display of geological formations that correctly explains their history in terms of millions of years is disputed because the flat-earthers believe the world is only 6,000 years old -- and the Creation "museum" backs this up! So where's the evidence, huh? Huh? Huh?

"FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Naturalists from Kentucky state parks are planning a trip to the Creation Museum in Boone County to see firsthand what they are up against.

Since the museum opened about three months ago, the naturalists who teach visitors about the ancient natural history of the parks have been challenged more frequently by people who have visited the Creation Museum, said Carey Tichenor, chief naturalist in the Department of Parks.

"Visitors are asking, 'Well, it said this at the Creation Museum, but you all are saying something different,' " Tichenor said."

Well no shit Sherlock! That should be the cue for the park staff to say "Very good! You recognize the difference between scientific reality and religious fantasy. You're on your way to realizing that everything at the Creation so-called 'museum' is a steaming load of crapola!" Which is actually a lot more tactful than what my own personal reaction would be: "Hahahaha, you're kidding, right? Hahahahahahaha! No seriously. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Stop, you're killing me!"

But no. Although anyone who disputes sound science in favour of religious wingnuttery should be roundly ridiculed and soundly bitchslapped, the Parks Department has chosen to go the appeasement route. They'll visit the Creationism travesty so they can learn what kind of tripe people are being fed there, not so they can better explain reality to these people, but so they can frame their answers to creationist questions in a religiously non-threatening way:

"We will tell the person if they want to believe what they saw at the Creation Museum that's fine and good," he said. "And then we explain to them why we are saying what we say at the park -- which is interpreting the scientific evidence produced for the site."

However, the Creation Museum has no qualms about trying to change the scientific beliefs of the park naturalists." (emphasis disgustedly mine)

Bad Kentucky Park Service! No soup for you!

(h/t pharyngula)