Friday, September 28, 2007

Game on!

In the War On Miller launched by the Catholic League's Bill Donohue in response to Miller's refusal to back out of their sponsorship of the Folsom Street Fair, the first salvo was fired today with a re-branding of "Miller" to "S&M Miller" and a letter to Miller's Executive Committee. Pictures from the last few years of the Folsom Fair accompany this short but sweet missive from Bill & Co.:

"It is hard to believe that if you knew exactly what kind of event the Folsom Street Fair is that you would want Miller to be sponsoring it. That is why I am sending the enclosed photos of this event (taken from previous years) to you.

In the outside chance you are not disturbed by these photos, please show them to your mother, wife and daughters.

I trust that you will do the right thing and withdraw sponsorship of this event immediately. Rest assured that we will not walk away from this issue. The public is rallying to our side, emboldening us to stay in this fight for as long as it takes."

Ahh right, Bill, they should definitely show the attachment to their moms. Mom will see a headline that barks: "Warning: extremely graphic content below", followed by whole shitload of pictures of good-looking gay guys all dressed up like the Gimp in Pulp Fiction, a couple of herds worth of black leather and even a few bare bums (some pretty cute ones, too, if I do say so myself) -- disappointingly tame. If Mom is like me, she'll continue scrolling, looking for the graphic content. Admittedly, my personal obscenity bar is fairly high, there being little if anything I haven't already done seen heard about. But even so... the pictures are pretty much what you'd expect from this kind of par-tay. A bunch of guys having their own particular brand (heh) of fun -- anyone getting hurt? Errr let me re-phrase that: is anyone not involved being adversely affected?

No matter -- Donohue, who seems to be inordinately and creepily obsessed by this little gathering, promises that it's just the beginning. On Monday, he says, the aggression will be ramped up to a full-scale assault and the demise of the once-proud Miller brand will be imminent. (Anyone think this all could have been avoided by slipping Donohue some free tickets to the event?)