Wednesday, September 05, 2007

*head explodes*

When did Ontario become Kansas? "Conservative leader muses about creationism in schools"???!!!?:

"TORONTO (CP) - There is no reason creationism could not be taught in addition to evolution and "other theories" if private religious schools are brought into Ontario public school boards, Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory said Wednesday.

On the eve of a provincial election campaign that gets underway Monday, the Conservatives are promising to give private religious schools $400 million if they opt into the public system, teach the provincial curriculum, hire accredited teachers and administer standardized tests.

But that doesn't mean Christian schools couldn't teach creationism on top of the existing provincial curriculum, said Tory, who is embarking on his first campaign as Conservative leader."

Yes, yes, Mr. Tory you fucking imbecile, actually it does mean they couldn't teach creationism in addition to "other theories" like evolution. Creationism is not a theory equal to evolution, it's a fairy tale. If parents want their kids to learn "creationism" fairy tales, they can send them to Sunday School. Or pay for their "religious education" out of their own goddamn pockets. Kids shouldn't be learning about bullshit on the taxpayers' dime.

Damn it! Now I've got a headache...