Saturday, September 29, 2007

Planned Parenthood Aurora -- anti-choicers ramp it up

It had to happen sooner or later that the notorious, gorious anti-abortion flyers would start hitting the front steps of homes in Aurora Illinois, where a controversial Planned Parenthood office has been under seige by anti-choicers for over a month now. The clinic has been kept from opening based on the accusation that PP hadn't acquired a "special use permit", but the fetus fetishists' case has taken a turn for the fucky and now appears to be a dead issue:

"Officials in Aurora are say that that the area in which the clinic was built is in what's called a "planned development district," and such districts are governed by separate zoning laws that don't appear to require special-use permits.

"That's the assumption upon which city staff proceeded," said Carie Anne Ergo, Aurora's public information officer."

Ahhhh. Then yesterday, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama threw his support behind the clinic:

"I fully support Planned Parenthood's desire to open a new facility in Aurora," he said in a statement released this afternoon. "The proposed center will serve the growing population in a part of the state where access to a full range of reproductive health care services is lacking."

The statement went on to list some of the services the Planned Parenthood clinic would offer such as pap tests, contraceptive care, cancer screening and breast exams. It did not mention abortion procedures, which have drawn thousands of anti-abortion protesters to demonstrate outside the clinic."

(Yes, but as a commenter at the link above points out, 95% of what PP does is not abortion. By the logic of these fetus fetishizing nitwits, my local hospital should be shut down because it performs abortions occasionally.)

When the going gets tough, the fetus fetishists get out the 4-colour fetus glossies:

NBC5's Anthony Ponce reported that a Milwaukee, Wis.-based group, calling itself "Missionaries to the Preborn" has distributed the fliers with the graphic images.

"Very disturbing-looking mutilated dead babies," said one resident. "I just don't think something like that should be shown to the public. There's better ways to bring that out." [...]

Even those residents who oppose abortion said they did not like the fliers. One woman said she did not like the photographs on the fliers.

Way to win hearts and minds, let the Mad Pamphleteers take over... d'oh! Planned Parenthood Aurora will be open before the end of October. (Care to make it interesting? Ten bucks.)