Thursday, September 20, 2007

Planned Parenthood Aurora motion denied

My Planned Parenthood newsletter has been keeping me advised about the fetus fetishist-induced delay of PP's clinic opening in Aurora, Illinois. Bible whompers and fetus humpers have been gathered around the location and hassling Aurora City Council ever since discovering exactly what was being built there. The day before it was scheduled to open, council caved to the pressure and pulled PP's temporary permit, claiming they were "misled" about what services would be offered in the building. Which is nothing but a rank little pile of pony-poo, since property owners are only obliged to say what kind of business will be operating, not exactly what services will be offered within the business context. At Firedoglake, Looseheadprop (a lawyer) points out:

"Please let me call bullshit on this. As long as the services are legal medical procedures and as long as the facility conforms to the relevant zoning (i.e. is in an area zoned for medical facilities), the NATURE of the medical services to be provided are not a valid exercise of land use power. There is so much case law on this issue, it could choke a horse.

Let me give you an illustrative example, the city can permit or deny the right to operate a restaurant in a given zone, but if the zoning permits restaurants, it cannot dictate the menu. I cannot discriminate in favor of hamburger joints and against pizza joints or tofu joints."

Predictably, anti-choice cretins are crying foul, outraged that by keeping its true identity hidden, PP managed to get the clinic almost to opening day without anyone knowing its true identity as an "Accursed Abortuary". Hahahaha! slipped one past the goalie (which, come to think of it, is why women end up patronizing PP's abortion services). But full disclosure from Day One means risking the life and limb of construction workers who might be targeted by bugfuck insane fetus fetishists like this guy:

"Some residents and city leaders feel deceived because, through much of the building process, the property owner was listed as Gemini Office Development, and not Planned Parenthood.

"This is their new strategy. They know they're not welcome. Nobody wants an abortion clinic in their backyard," Eric Scheidler of the Pro Life Action League told ABC's Barbara Pinto."

PP was in court today to get an injunction to open the clinic, motion DENIED, the clinic is still closed, although they can re-apply.

So the fetus fetishists have won Round One. Given that this clinic offers a wide range of services including cancer screening like mammograms and pap tests, wouldn't it be terrible if this came back to bite any of them? Just terrible.