Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pro-choice violence?

I blog for the Family Coalition Party!!! Hahahaha juuuuuustkidding. Ahem.

Quick, the smelling salts!! The gasping, swooning and clutching of pearls has begun as Family Coalition candidates writhe in the throes of a persecution high.

SUZANNE reports that FCP campaign signs in the Ottawa area are being vandalized. The signs in question feature (what else?!) a fetus -- the message being (I guess?) that the FCP is anti-abortion. In the graphic the fetus is just sitting there doing its fetus-y thang, not something I'd characterize as particularly "offensive". Weird maybe, but offensive? Meh. The anti-choice message it's meant to convey most certainly is offensive, but to their credit, the signs at least don't say "ABORTIONZ IZ MURDURZ" or some such happy horseshit, in that red blood-dripping font. (Now something like that would deserve a good shit-kicking.) Nonetheless, someone's got it in for those signs. The suspects: pro-choicers, of course.

And back in Reality World... It's highly improbable that a pro-choicer would be so enraged and threatened by the FCP's fetus-y little sign that they'd go all demolition derby on it --
if I wouldn't do it, nobody would. And what about the other candidates' signs that are being vandalized? Much as the FCP would like to believe they alone are targets of persecution, campaign sign vandalism is part of the landscape for any political party. It's likely just kids having fun destroying stuff, but to admit that would be to deprive oneself of a good Persecution High. And there's far more propaganda and outrage value in positioning the vandalism as a salvo in what these nitwits like to refer to as "The Abortion Wars". Kind of a "Why We Fight" for fetus fetishists. "Pro-choice violence!" shriek their blogs.

"Pro-choice violence"?? Whoops, this is where things could go seriously sideways if they aren't careful. They'd be better off to keep quiet, fix the signs and carry on... I'm not sure abortion-related violence is a road they want to go down. Dead doctors always trump spray-bombed signs.