Wednesday, October 03, 2007

War on Miller update

The war that the Catholic League's chief bloviator Bill Donohue declared on Miller Brewing over its sponsorship of the Folsom Street Fair rages on. The CL announced a boycott of Miller products and worse, to be an ongoing nuisance to the company. Miller caved, announcing that they would conduct an immediate audit of their marketing procedures. Eyeballs bulging, spittle flying and jowls jiggling, BD raged:
"Today's San Francisco Chronicle reports that at yesterday's Folsom Street Fair, "couples led each other up and down the street with dog collars and leashes, men in thong underwear played Twister". There was also a man who was flogged to such an extent that "red lash marks covered his back." (Hello Opus Dei.)

"Other gay men decided to "walk around naked" in front of women and children." (Yeahyeah, we already heard all about those little shenanigans, from a Reliable Source right up here in the Great White North! Remember?)

"The lead sponsor for the incredible spectacle is the Miller Brewing Company." [...]

"Today, it extended its original statement by apologizing for the misuse of its logo, "particularly [to] members of the Christian community who have contacted us to express their concern." It also said, "We are conducting an immediate audit of our procedures for approving local marketing and sales sponsorships to ensure that this does not happen again."

"An immediate audit" -- the funny thing is I couldn't find any news about this immediate audit in the Chronicle -- or anywhere other than religious sites that are just regurgitating Donohue's blather verbatim. "An immediate audit" -- translation: "a big donation to Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage Catholic School, to be spent on abstinence education".