Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fetusmobile© impounded, fetus fetishist jailed

It was "Black Friday", as the day after US Thanksgiving is called; the biggest shopping day of the pre-Christmas season and the malls were packed. Fetus fetishist Robert Roethlisberger saw the opportunity to offend even more people than usual and grabbed it, wheeling his Fetusmobile© down to the Mall Of Georgia parking lot. Shoppers were not impressed:
"On the busiest shopping day of the year at the biggest mall in the state, bargain hunters were met with a startling sight.

They glanced up around the Mall of Georgia in Buford the day after Thanksgiving to see three banners with images of aborted fetuses. The banners were attached to a truck driven by an employee of Operation Rescue, a national organization that opposes abortion.

After someone called police to report "gory" images, officers jailed the driver on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. They cited a provision that refers to "the display of obscene and vulgar images visible to persons under age 14."

The driver, Robert Roethlisberger Jr., 44, of Belton, Mo., was released Monday after posting $1,200 bond."

D'oh! Roethlisberger's buddies at Operation Rescue were more concerned with doing a rescue operation on the Fetusmobile© which was languishing in the impound yard. As for Roethlisberger, well fuck him, they let him cool his heels in the county jug over the weekend. Tough luck, he's already made it down the birth canal and that's where it ends for the fetus fetishists. I'm sure he understood.