Sunday, December 02, 2007

Iraq reconstruction

Wasn't Halliburton paid billions a few years ago to rebuild the destroyed water system in Iraq so that Iraqis could at least have the most basic of needs, clean water? What happened?
"Baghdad is facing a 'catastrophe' with cases of cholera rising sharply in the past three weeks to more than 100, strengthening fears that poor sanitation and the imminent rainy season could create an epidemic.

The disease - spread by bacteria in contaminated water, which can result in rapid dehydration and death - threatens to blunt growing optimism in the Iraqi capital after a recent downturn in violence. Two boys in an orphanage have died and six other children were diagnosed with the disease, according to the Iraqi government. 'We have a catastrophe in Baghdad,' an official said."

Oh well, they got their money so Mission Accomplished. I guess what they did for it (which appears to be "not much") doesn't really matter.