Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Freeping the Human Rights Museum!

The proposed Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg has been a source of irritation and aggravation for the right-wing nutjobs at "R.E.A.L." "Women" since the idea was first floated a couple of years ago. And why not? "Human" "Rights" "Museum"!!? Them's fightin' words!!
"Patrons of this museum are the feminist Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean (See REALity, May June 2007, "Our Wayward Governor-General," page 3) and John Harvard, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. In the latter's former life, he was an outspoken left-wing Liberal MP from Winnipeg who traded his seat to allow the former homosexual Winnipeg Mayor, Glen Murray, to run in the June 2004 federal election (Mr. Murray was defeated) in return for his appointment in May 2004 as Lieutenant-Governor.

Further, to ensure that liberal values would prevail, the museum organizers identified, in addition to ethno-cultural and Jewish representatives, so-called "human rights experts", including representatives of homosexual and feminist interests, who were to sit on the museum's National Advisory Council..."
OH MY GOD!!! Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!!! Well, what would RW have in the Human Rights Museum?
"The selfless dedication of those protecting the lives of the unborn child, year after year, or those defending the family and traditional marriage, or struggling to protect the rights of the aged and ill against euthanasia must not be dismissed as "bigots" and "extremists," unworthy of "noble" liberal ideals. "

A shrine to bigotry and misogyny, not to mention bullets, knives and firebombs, etc... but I digress.

That was then, this is now. Last week, Heritage Minister Josee Verner brought the issue to the forefront again by introducing legislation that would establish the CHRM as a crown corporation. SHRIEEEEEK! Landolt's Dolts at RW are frantic that the museum will be commandeered by "radical leftists" who'll insist on featuring exhibits about the rights of women and minorities, but but but -- *gasp* -- not Wingnuts' Rights!

Grannie panties spinning into a painful twist at the prospect of being Left Behind, RW issued a call to action to all their wingnut followers (and me, via my Undercover Email Address "redruffensore at yahoo.ca", ha), pointing out that consultation for ideas for the Human Rights Museum is open to the public and demanding Emergency Freepage
Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), Winnipeg, Manitoba
Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in April 2007 that the federal government will contribute 100 million dollars toward the building of the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg.
He also stated that the federal government would contribute $22 million annually to cover its operating costs.
The Advisory Committee for the Museum, selected by the former Liberal government, consisted mainly of feminist, homosexual and regular Liberal stand-bys, such as a former Liberal Prime Minister John Turner, former Liberal MPs, Cabinet Ministers and some Senators. The museum was intended to be a monument to former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his Charter of Rights.
This has raised concerns that the museum, with its left-wing Advisory Board, would be used as a powerful tool to champion the Liberal government’s interpretation of human rights, such as abortion rights, feminism, homosexuality, etc. with only some legitimate exhibits sprinkled here and there to give the museum the appearance of legitimacy.
Fortunately the Conservative government changed the Advisory Committee in October to include individuals, mostly business men and women, with no known bias on human rights issues." [...]
"...To further this project, the Advisory Committee has prepared a public consultation document that can be found at: http://www.pch.gc.ca/index_e.cfm. In the left bar, under the heading, Department, please click Public Consultations. The document includes a number of questions which are intended to stimulate ideas for the Museum for Human Rights. The Committee also invites views not covered by the questions.
It is important that as many of us as possible, with a conservative perspective, provide input into this Museum as it will remain a part of the Canadian culture for many years to come. We want it to reflect basic human rights, not the trendy rights contributed by recent court decisions."
"Trendy rights"? The colossal arrogance of these self-righteous fuckwits is truly mindblowing.

But as stated in RW's shriekmail, everyone is invited to submit their suggestions to the CHRM... including the 64% of us that voted for someone other than the Conservatives in the last election. Here's the Consultation Form... grab a coffee, settle in and exercise your right to have some input into the Canadian Human Rights Museum.