Friday, May 02, 2008

Clutch those pearls, baby!

And fall to the fainting couch all a-dither and a-swoon. Shorter lifesite: "Oh boo hoo, boo hoo hoooo, those libertarian conservatives are hellbound heathen baby-hating meanies! SHRIEEK! And Richard Dawkins! SHRIEEEEEK!"
"Canada's Fraser institute sees nothing controversial about its choice of Dr. Richard Dawkins, currently one the West's most notorious opponents of religious belief, as the keynote speaker at tonight's Iluminismo lecture. The Institute's slogan of "Competitive market solutions for public policy problems" has left some puzzled as to how Dawkins fits into that mandate."

Considered by many to be the country's premier conservative think tank, the Institute told there is nothing "controversial" about Dr. Dawkins' appearance, since the lecture is sold out."
Sold out? Hahahahaha! Well, that certainly says something good about the Fraser Institute. Something that the social "conservatives" don't like... the FI supports and encourages independent critical thought? How dare they.
"But the Fraser Institute's self-described mandate is to advocate for free market economic policies and Fraser Institute members are among Canada's best known proponents of the "new conservatism" that concerns itself only with economic, not social conservative issues. This trend of a soulless, tradition rejecting "fiscal" conservatism and social libertarianism has led to a widening split in the Canadian conservative movement."
The "new" conservatism -- how about the "real" conservatism? It's about goddamn time *real* conservatives manned up and admitted that socons are nothing but an increasingly uncomfortable millstone around their necks. Socons are a small but mouthy minority that scares the living shit out of the average Canadian voter who has no interest in policing the bedrooms of the nation, removing womens' reproductive rights and dictating what is acceptable for us all to read or watch... all for the "greater good" of course. Running your personal life -- for "the greater good"! Since when is the Nanny State a conservative concept? Since social conservatism.

That's why real conservatives may be starting to think along the same lines as former PM Kim Campbell:
"Prime Minister Stephen Harper is running a competent government but should curb his "control freak" tendencies and make clear to Canadians his government won't impose a socially conservative agenda if he wins a majority, according to former prime minister Kim Campbell." (emphasis mine)

"2. (a) A constant, worrisome burden. (b) An obstacle to success." Uh-huh.

(h/t: BCL)