Friday, July 25, 2008

Massive Poll -- Something's up -- with updates!

HAHAHAHA! We've hit a nerve with revelations about the MASSIVE POLL, and the thing is doing some Grand Mal twitching and spazzing.

Predictably, SUZANNE hotly disputes the fact that what's been discovered has any implications as to the MASSIVE POLL's credibility:

Yeah yeah yeah. But never mind that -- there's something strange going on. SUZANNE's post, dated yesterday (July 23rd) wasn't on her blog earlier today (July 24). No problem, sometimes bloggers type posts in draft and post them later without updating the date. (Not a smart thing to do, because it means a lot of readers won't see the post since it will be sitting under more recent posts, but whatever.) The PROBLEM is that her post from yesterday (July 23) links to a post that I composed this morning (July 24). And yes, I have a copy of the HTML page source code *just in case* that changes. With these lying fucks, screen shots are the order of the day at all times.

Make of that what you will, but it looks like a little subterfuge to me. Why?

Especially when you consider what commenter Charles J. White has come up with: a website for "klrVu research":

It's Hot Off The Press, still not returned by Google (but soon will be). Is there any way of confirming when this website was set up? It had to have been in the last two days to still not be showing up in Google searches.

What the hell is going on?

Update: Still no friggin' phone number:

Re-reading SUZANNE's post, it's clear she's missing the point -- the issue isn't whether a CPC MP's brother runs a polling firm. The issue is that an Anti-abortion MP's very likely equally anti-abortion brother conducted a poll for an anti-abortion organization -- a poll conducted by an ideological ally automatically has no credibility. Legitimate pollsters are expected to be non-partisan, even if the people who commission them are not (indeed, many polls about hot issues are conducted on behalf of screamingly partisan groups, in order to prove their point). The issue is, as it has been from the first Canada 411 search I did on this "polling company", the poll's legitimacy and the subterfuge behind it.

The fact that there's a vague CPC connection in this thing is just icing on the cake. The cake itself is a misleading poll with questi
onable methodology, conducted by someone ideologically-sympathetic to those who commissioned him, for the express purpose of propaganda. That sound about right to you?

TOO MANY UPDATES! UPDATE: From the comments with this post --

1. Southern Quebec notices that in the bottom left-hand corner of the KlrVu website, it says they're a "Member of MRIA", the Marketing Research and Intelligence Assn. And guess what? They're not listed with the MRIA. (Edited to add screenshot showing "Member of MRIA Canada"):

2. April Reign does a WHOIS and finds out the site was created YESTERDAY

3. POGGE says he recognizes the name servers; the site is hosted at GODADDY, home of the $1.99 domain but not the choice of most legitimate businesses (although I've heard Al Qaeda uses it.)

4. Buckets reports a Plagiarism Alert!


5. Zorph the Wingnuterer (our friendly neighbourhood computer geek) says he raided the site (whatever that means) and that the domain was registered July 20, last Sunday. He's also sent me some kind of geeky info on a .zip file which I'll now go and peruse (but will probably end up sending to April Reign for translation).

6. Alison digs under the bullshit of the MASSIVE NEW POLL and finds some humour.

7. BCL thinks KLRVU/KlrVu's new website makes the MASSIVE POLL just soooooo much more legit.


8. Canadian Cynic joins the fray.

9. Zorpheus at the Wingnuterer weighs in.

10. Buckets is on fire!


11. Buckets says it's a phone spam company!

Oh what a tangled fucking web we weave.