Sunday, August 17, 2008

"42" isn't the answer to everything...

Saturday started on a bad enough note for the fetus fetishists, when Justice Beverley McLachlin took their mewling complaints about her supposed involvement in the Morgentaler Order of Canada straight out to the woodshed for a good flogging. The revelation that McLachlin had nothing to do with the Morgentaler appointment left the "42 religious groups" who sought her impeachment too busy wiping egg from their faces to respond to Judge Bev's righteous smackdown.

But while the MSM dutifully continued to refer to the "42 religious groups", some of us idly wondered just what "42 groups" really meant. Bene D published a list of all the groups behind the complaint, and it turned out that some of them weren't groups at all, but individuals and businesses. It was already a given that a few of the groups probably had some serious overlap -- different names, but basically run by and representing the same people. It's an American strategy that McVety imported to Canada -- establish a shitload of groups, coalitions and organizations to make the religious right "grassroots" look bigger and more important than it really is. So it was assumed that the "42 religious groups" were probably less than the sum of their parts.

Then Buckets got interested.

Oh fuck.

At that point, the fetus fetishists' day just went from bad to worse.

As he started researching and cross-referencing the groups on the list of 42 and eliminating individuals and overlap, Buckets found the number of legitimate "groups" coming down a bit... and a bit more... and more... and even more... and still more... at this point, who knows how low it will go?

So what we have here is a small coalition of religious right ideologues, misrepresenting themselves as "42 groups", erroneously filing a complaint seeking the removal of a Supreme Court Judge. That's serious fuckery -- serious enough that the MSM should be asking some very pointed questions about these people, their organizations, their tax status, and why they were able to push this as far as they did under such false pretenses. Will they?

UPDATE: Down down down it goes, where it stops, who the fuck knows?