Monday, August 11, 2008

And it's not even Kansas

Great snappin' assholes! (Whoops, there goes my 5.9% cuss quotient.) Fundie whackjobs in West Virginia are getting special drivers' licenses because they're afraid the normal ones might have the "Mark of the Beast" or some such shit:
"West Virginia is offering special driver’s licenses to people who oppose digitized photos because they believe this could be the beginning of the biblical “mark of the beast” prophecy.

The Division of Motor Vehicles planned to distribute the special licenses Friday at its Capitol office. Phil Hudok will be one of the first to receive a special license. The Randolph County teacher had refused to require his students wear bar-coded identification badges in 1998 because it violated his religious beliefs."

Oh, for fuck sake! How ridiculous do things have to get before governments stop coddling these imbeciles? Good grief, November can't come soon enough for me.