Thursday, August 28, 2008

Demented in Denver

The giant inflatable fetus may have been rented out this week, but with their mighty Banner Of Bedsheets unfurled, fetus fetishists are using the opportunity of the Democratic National Convention to make total pains in the ass out of themselves. And look who's back:
"Randall Terry, the founder of the militant anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, was arrested at the Democratic National Convention after leading a sit-in that would have blocked a convention center entrance. Nearly 60 participated in the sit-in and 13 were arrested after police warned the protesters to disperse three times, according to the Associated Press.
Randall Terry is the militant anti-abortion extremist who exhorts his followers to "let a wave of hatred wash over" them, and after that, presumably, let nature (or nitroglycerine) take its course. (Like one of his buddies, James Kopp, did.) In addition to getting arrested for blocking the entrance to the convention centre, this time Terry's in a little trouble for spicing up the protest with a dash of spittle-flecked racism:
"“Racist” fliers authored by notorious anti-abortion activist Randall Terry littered cars parked at Elitch Gardens Saturday night where a DNC media party was taking place.

The brochure touts a fake “Candidate Smith” proposing “real solutions for the ‘Negro problem’” as a shocking metaphor for Christian voters who support pro-choice but otherwise conservative political candidates." [...]

"A favorite tactic of the anti-abortion movement is to equate their struggle with the Dred Scott decision to deny civil rights to African Americans. Advocates of proposed Amendment 48, which seeks to confer due process rights on fertilized human eggs in Colorado, have also conflated slavery and abortion." (emphasis mine)

Fertilized human eggs = oppressed minority. And they wonder why they have no credibility.