Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Epp on C-484: "Hell no! It won't go!"

These fetus fetishists were never ones to look reality square in the face and see what's really there, preferring instead to re-interpret the information to fit their own warped worldview. Big protests against the Morgentaler Order of Canada... 400. A blizzard of returned Order of Canada medals... 9 -- 3 from dead people. Massive poll... heh. A huge grassroots Astroturf uprising against Justice McLachlin... whatever. Their delusions go on and on and endlessly on.

So it's no surprise that upon hearing that his scurrilous Bill C-484 (aka the "Kicking Abortion's Ass" bill) is being euthanized and replaced with something more in keeping with Canadian pro-choice values, MP Ken Epp stomped his feet and threatened to hold his breath 'til he turned blue:
"I definitely will not be withdrawing my bill," Epp told Sun Media. "They're quite different. I don't intend to let up."
So what? The thing is D.O.A. according to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, and Ken Epp isn't running for office again. If it's not withdrawn, C-484 will just float around in Dead Bill Purgatory in perpetuity. It won't be lonely -- its buddy, C-537, will be along shortly to keep it company.