Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every pigeon a wanted pigeon

If this birth control experiment in Hollywood catches on and spreads north, the next "The Pill Kills!" demonstration might be held in Vancouver's "Pigeon Park". No, really -- Hollywood pigeons are going on the Pill:
"Eager to reduce the neighborhood pigeon population and the mess that comes with it, Hollywood residents appear ready to try a new birth control method on their wild birds.

Beginning within the next couple of months, a substance called OvoControl P will be placed in kibble in new rooftop feeders, say residents and state and local officials. The substance, which interferes with egg development, generally is viewed as a humane way to lower the birthrate of the birds, which many residents consider a nuisance."

Yes, but... shrieeek! Conventional Social Conservative wisdom is that where the Pill goes, abortion, divorce, pornography (if the pigeons can find a good pornograph to play it on), and the Collapse of Western Civilization™ follow. Could this little social engineering experiment be the beginning of an avian "Demographic Winter"??

(h/t: megan mccardle via buckets, by email)