Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I like a nice, sane protest

This is the kind of anti-abortion protest I can dig. It's kind of a fetusmobile© on legs instead of wheels -- they call themselves "Show The Truth", and their strategy is to stand by the road and gross people out with gory images. They were decorating the streets of Chatham yesterday:
"The intersection of Grand Avenue and St. Clair Street was awash during the Tuesday noon hour with graphic pictures of aborted babies.

Close to 40 supporters of Show the Truth Canada, a group opposed to abortions, spent more than an hour attracting the attention of passing motorists."

The purpose of the 40-strong (heh) protest was twofold:

"We're not only attempting to eliminate abortions in Canada, but are also taking aim at Dr. Henry Morgentaler,'' said Rosemary Connell of Lindsay, the group's spokeswoman. "We want Morgentaler stripped of his Order of Canada award.'' [...]

"Jerry Walsh of Chatham agreed. "I'd like to know who is responsible for nominating him,'' he said. "All Canadians should have a say in who receives this important award.''

Who? Well, me. And thousands of others who've petitioned for it year after year... a number many orders of magnitude greater than those who oppose it. And since when have all Canadians had a say in who gets the Order of Canada? Oh... since Morgentaler got it. Riiiiiight.

But hey, keep up the good work -- it puts a spittle-flecked human face to the voices shrieking for Dr. M's OC to be revoked.