Thursday, August 14, 2008

Death of a propaganda genre

"Democrats hate the troops!" -- an enduring refrain that never gets old in Wingnuttia may have finally reached its' expiry date.

Last month's
widely-circulated hoax email, supposedly from a soldier in Afghanistan complaining about how Obama "snubbed the troops" while he was there, could well be the last of the loathsome "Democrats hate the troops!" genre of propaganda. Because according to their campaign donations, the troops clearly don't hate Obama.

But then again, one only has to think back to the 2004 election to know that the truth is of little or no consequence to these people, who portrayed war hero Kerry as a coward and chickenhawk Georgie as a patriot. Yeah, they'll probably just fire out another "email" from another "disgruntled soldier in Afghanistan", complaining that his donation was misdirected.