Saturday, August 16, 2008

What a waste

Talk about your "misdirected outrage". The 42 "religious groups" (yeah yeah, okay, 41 religious groups plus "Physicians for Life", nothing religious about them) who filed a complaint against Justice Beverley McLachlin, are apparently wasting their time. The 42 groups -- and for the sake of simplicity, let's just call them, oh, I don't know -- how about fetus fetishists! -- who want McLachlin removed from her post over her supposed role in the Morgentaler Order of Canada appointment are, typically, barking, whining and shrieking up the wrong tree. At her annual Canadian Bar Association news conference today, Justice McLachlin addressed the misinformation that's been spun around Dr. M's OC, and the OC selection process itself:
"Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin defended her role Saturday in the controversial appointment of Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada, shedding light on the secret process that awarded the abortion-rights doctor the prestigious distinction.

Ms. McLachlin, as head of a Governor General's advisory council that selects Order of Council recipients, said she abstained from voting on the July nomination, despite "misinformation" that she was the driving force behind Mr. Morgentaler's appointment." [...]

"Ms. McLachlin also disputed news reports that it was unusual for the advisory council to vote on a candidate and the group usually reaches a decision unanimously.

"There has been no practice of consensus," said Ms. McLachlin. Rather, the group routinely votes on a nomination and she said she has only voted once to break a tie."

So there you have it: fetus fetishists, wrong again. Wrong and stupid. Wrong, stupid and wasting taxpayers' dollars, since every complaint has to be investigated and responded to. Hands up, everyone who's shocked!

What!? Not even a little?

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