Wednesday, September 03, 2008

9th OC returned... twice

This is an event of such earth-shattering significance that nobody except lifeshite is reporting it. After 2 months of whining and shrieking, moaning and groaning, fainting and swooning, a 9th Order of Canada has been returned:
"On July 10, John Culliton Poston returned his deceased uncle E.M. Culliton's Order of Canada medal in protest of the growing list of controversial Canadians being granted Canada's highest civilian honor - most notably the prolific abortionist Dr. Henry Morgentaler."
Whoa, hold the phone: July 10th? I thought the guy's name looked familiar! It looks like he tried to return his (deceased uncle's) OC to the wrong place and they sent it back. So he returned it again, to the right place this time, and it became "news" again. Tsk-tsk, lifesite, that's astroturfing, and astroturfers never prosper.

UPDATE: Not only that, but it's a dead guy's OC, so it's not even John Culliton Poston's to return anyway. So let me get this straight: lifeshite reported twice on an OC that was "returned" twice that isn't really even the returnee's to return... how the fuck many lies is that??