Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debate will go on? Or not.

I am utterly transfixed by this Gong Show south of the border. It isn't just the election, where one side seems to be okay with a know-nothing, scientifically-illiterate, end-times bible-thumper being one heartbeat away from the presidency, but also the serious economic crisis, which will no doubt ooze across the border in due course. It's serious enough for McCain to take advantage of the opportunity to "suspend" his campaign and put the debates on hold -- and we all know why. But to his credit, all along Obama hasn't blinked, insisting he'd show up for the debate whether McCain did or not... and now it looks like McCain might show up for the debate tomorrow after all:
"When asked whether Friday's debate will go on if McCain doesn't show up, Obama said: "I hope he does."

McCain also told ABC News that he was "very hopeful that we can [attend the debate.] I believe that it's very possible that we'll get an agreement so that I have time to fly to Mississippi."

CNN has learned that the University of Mississippi -- site of the first presidential debate -- has been told by the Presidential Debate Commission to continue preparing for the event."


"During the White House meeting, it appears that Sen. John McCain had an agenda. He brought up alternative proposals, surprising and angering Democrats. He did not, according to someone briefed on the meeting, provide specifics." [...]

Before the White House meeting, Democrats and Senate Republicans were on track to get legislation to the floor by tomorrow."

Is it possible that McCain went to Washington not to help them hammer out a bailout plan, but to throw a wrench into things so he'd have an excuse for delaying the debates? A month ago I would have said "No way". Not now. Huh?

UPDATE: Well played, Senator Obama, well played!

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