Friday, September 12, 2008


Who's running for President, McCain or Palin? Check out the Rethugs' latest:

After all their jabbering about sexism it was only a matter of time before they took it a step further and played the victim card, even though it's a little sexist to cast Palin in that role. Would this work as an ad for John McCain? "They dismissed him as old-looking, said he was just doing was he was told (by the religious right), then they called him a liar. How disrespectful." But never mind that -- speaking of lies, talk about making the point! The ad is chock-full of them:
"The new McCain-Palin ad "Disrespectful" begins like an earlier ad we criticized, with its reference to Barack Obama's celebrity, but then goes down new paths of deception. It takes quotes from news organizations and uses them out of context in an effort to portray Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, as unfairly attacking Sarah Palin and making sexist remarks. We've long been a critic of candidates (Obama included) usurping the credibility of independent news organizations and peddling false quotes, and this ad is particularly egregious."
How disrespectful... of the truth.