Monday, September 22, 2008

The endorsement nobody wants

HAHAHAHAHA, yeah... CLC again. From Endless Spin Cycle, the Winnipeg blogger who helped us expose the world-famous MASSIVE POLL a couple of months back, there's news of an endorsement for a couple of local federal CPC candidates -- an endorsement the candidates aren't exactly shouting about:
"Two Conservative candidates running in the federal election in Winnipeg ridings are getting support from a Manitoba anti-abortion group — but neither is talking about it.

The Campaign Life Coalition has endorsed Rod Bruinooge, who is seeking re-election in Winnipeg South, and Trevor Kennerd in Winnipeg South Centre." [...]

"Jared Wesley, a political scientist at the University of Manitoba, said the candidates' silence on the matter is not surprising.

Endorsements from groups with controversial causes are difficult for candidates to deal with, especially those in swing ridings like Winnipeg South and Winnipeg South Centre, he said."

How about that. Looks like Campaign Life Coalition is pretty chummy with Bruinooge, whose brother Allan owns KLRVU Research. You know, the company that did the MASSIVE poll... for Campaign Life Coalition. Just a coincidence, I'm sure! What's up with the silent treatment about the endorsement? Inquiring minds and all that! Because after all...

"Shannon Sampert, who teaches political science at the University of Winnipeg, said silence is not acceptable: "If you are pro-life or pro-choice, either way, you should make your intentions clear."

The Campaign Life Coalition's endorsement could lead some women to worry about the Tories' commitment to women's rights, she said.

"Women increasingly are worried about the Unborn Child Act that they were considering — if [Conservative Leader Stephen Harper] gets in as a majority government, I think women within the community in Winnipeg and in Canada in general will be very afraid of what's going to happen to these rights that we fought so hard for.""

No shit Sherlock. Everyone already knows that Rod Bruinooge is a fetus fetishist, so why is he being so coy about the CLC endorsement?

"Neither Bruinooge or Kennerd returned calls from CBC News."

Hmmm! Makes you wonder...