Thursday, September 18, 2008


PZ Meyers gets an unexpected solicitation by email:

So Mike Koelzer the Fetus Fetishist Pharmacist wants to speak at PZ's church... and why not? He sounds like an accomodating guy -- well, unless you're trying to fill a script for birth control pills, then he's a total fuckhead. But no problem: PZ notes that the feti-pharmafetishist's "Kay Pharmacy" has an online survey so people can make suggestions about how to improve the store... hahahahaha! We know where that's going.

Indeed, lifeshite has caught the play and they've got the whine turned all the way up -- they are anything but pleased:
"P.Z. Myers, the infamous Minnesota biology professor who incited a national outcry after desecrating the Eucharist and photographing the act for his blog, has now focused his energies on a new target - Mike Koelzer, a member of American Life League Associate group Pharmacists for Life International." [...]
They didn't capitalize "The Act"? Hmph. Onward:
"An outraged Myers asked his blog readers to flood Koelzer's Web site with mail. They replied en masse with over 400 threats of profanity and hate-filled messages including:

"Burn the building to the ground. And have Mike Koelzer sterilized."

"Commit suicide."

"And..... the rumor is you have quite a nice looking butt and if you play your cards right ... well, let's just say, I can be awfully grateful."

"Not content with desecrating Catholics' most sacred Sacrament, Myers is once again spewing hate and anger at anyone who would dare proclaim a belief in God or attempt to stop the murder of the preborn," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League."
And so what? Koelzer's the one who offered to speak at the Church of Pharyngula in the first place -- if he had the brain of a chunk of tofu he might have done a little research first and avoided this hideous mistake. But such is life in the Vortex of Dumb. You own it, fetus fetishists, so stop crying.