Friday, September 26, 2008

McVety "not surprised" complaint tossed

Okay, yesterday Birth Pangs brought us up to date on Chuck McVety's lame and astroturfed complaint against Justice Beverley McLachlin: EPIC FAIL. Strangely, only the Globe & Mail and the USian version of lifesite was reporting it. So far not a peep from lifesite or for that matter, any of the vile scum who championed the complaint. (Well, I'd probably be looking the other way too.)

But anyway, today the Star reports:
"The Canadian Judicial Council has thrown out a complaint against a Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin that accused her of playing an inappropriate role in recommending Dr. Henry Morgentaler be nominated for the Order of Canada."
and adds that Jabba the McVety has finally stirred and croaked out a response:
"Charles McVety, who as president of the Canada Family Action Coalition drafted the complaint letter, said he disagreed with much of the decision but was not surprised." (E.M.)
Not surprised? Then why the fuck did you cretins file the bogus complaint in the first place!? I want to know how much this little sham costed US, the TAXPAYERS. And I want McVety to pay it all back -- Every. Fucking. Cent. Until then, I don't want to see any of these improvident socon imbeciles running their mouths about "taxpayers' money". Like I said before...