Monday, September 29, 2008


The Gallup Poll for the 3-day period from Thursday to Saturday September 25-27 is good news for Obama:

Obama is at 50% to McCain's 42%. Wow. This is particularly significant because it was a period of great drama for McCain -- the debate was on Friday night, and McCain's "suspension" of his campaign (to save the economy) was just a day or so earlier. In spite of all that, two things are clear: (1) who won the debate, and (2) how the American public is responding, or rather, not responding, to McCain's melodrama.

Next up: the VP debate. IF it happens... and that's still a pretty big IF. SaWah is at Debate Boot Camp this week, but please -- it's Debate Camp, not Miracle Camp. When the candidate has a brain like a chicken on crack, anything less than a miracle probably won't be that helpful.