Sunday, September 28, 2008

Palin hits the bar

This sounds like the lead-in to a joke.  On Friday night while John McCain was telling Barack Obama to get off his lawn and Joe Biden was preparing to hit every network with his exquisite post-debate comments, as is standard operating procedure for VP candidates, the GOP's VP candidate was MIA.  Okay, not quite: she was in a bar in Philly:
"Palin appeared at the bar on 20th and Walnut streets last night to shake hands with her fans for about an hour before the first presidential debate. While the crowd inside was friendly, hundreds of people lined the street outside in protest with signs that read things like "Palin is Santorum With Lipstick.""
Ah, out there circulating with the masses, taking questions from Her People.  Or maybe not...
"Palin did not take questions from reporters nor did she talk policy. She posed for pictures and chatted with supporters, many of whom were from outside the city limits, and made an approximately minute-long statement."
A one-minute-long statement... but she didn't have much time.  She was on her way to Debate Boot Camp:
"Palin was to spend Saturday and Sunday preparing for the debate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She'll campaign with McCain in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, and will spend the rest of the week practicing for the debate in St. Louis."
Practicing?  They're actually going to let her do the debate!??  Well sure, unless something else comes up.