Thursday, September 04, 2008

Playing Pass-The-Baby at the RNC

"Reality TV meets politics"!!! A couple of things, after watching the speeches at the RNC last night.

Shorter Giuliani: "Throw the bums out!!!" Uh, Rudy, they're your bums.

Palin: Her speech was long on populism, short on content and had far more partisan shots than she's earned the right to make. But never mind that. What was up with the first part of the speech? It was bizarre -- a shitload of stuff about her family, who I thought wanted privacy, complete with the camera zooming in on this one or that one and that poor baby being passed around like a goddamn wineskin at a football game. The happy pregnant couple also took time out from planning their shotgun wedding to be there... the Jerry Springer Show comes to the RNC! And this is all relevant to running the country... how, exactly?

Predictably, it all went over well with the idiot base, but so what? They were voting Republican anyway. The most significant thing about the speeches last night is that they made clear the direction the McCain campaign intends to take: the "red state/blue state" divisiveness of years past. Which won't win over many new voters, that's for sure.