Saturday, September 20, 2008

She's back!

I wondered why I was getting so many hits to my Naked Mayor post from last year. Looks like she's back, she's dressed (this time), she's ready for action, and the CPC is okay with all that:
"The Conservative candidate for B.C.'s Skeena-Bulkley Valley insists naked photos taken of her in her office are not an issue for the party.

Sharon Smith, the mayor of Houston, B.C., grabbed worldwide attention five years ago when pictures of her wearing nothing more than a smile and her mayor's robes were widely circulated on the Internet."
Of course, The Naked was sort of a side issue I ran into when I was researching the real issue, the fact that the Conservatives were using some pretty sleazy stealth tactics with their candidates in non-CPC ridings. Hopefully there'll be more on that story now that we're in the midst of an election.

But for now, let me state for the record that I personally have no problem with naked mayors or any naked politician. Maybe they should all be required to work naked. Naked people are honest people -- they can't steal from you as easily. That's

(h/t Accidental Deliberations)