Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stay classy, Conservatives

Oooh, right out of the gate the Conservative Party shows its class!!! 

First there was the commercial that featured a puffin taking a dump on Stephane Dion (I thought my sense of humour was sophomoric) and worse, "Dionbook" (which seems to have conveniently exceeded its alloted bandwidth).  "Dionbook" isn't necessarily a bad idea (again, sophomoric, but so what) -- except that it targets Liberal bloggers as well as Dion.  These bloggers aren't politicians, they're private citizens, and as such one would think they'd be off-limits.  What. The. Fuck!!??   PSA has the dirt (but not as much dirt as the Conservatives, obviously).

It looks like Harper is making good on his prophesy that this will be a "nasty" campaign.