Monday, September 01, 2008

Wonder how this would go over

with all those rabidly anti-choice republicans that are going into conniptions over McCain's VP pick, Sarah Palin? From the Alaska Pro-Choice website, a picture of Ms. Palin with members of the Alliance for Reproductive Justice (which is, among other things, an abortion rights group) -- scroll down:

I mean, I think it's great and everything, but that's, you know, me. And just because Palin attended a womens' summit put on by (the evil) Planned Parenthood and had her picture taken with a group of pro-choice activists, doesn't mean she's secretly pro-choice; she's obviously not. In fact, I'm sure she meets with all kinds of different groups whose views she doesn't share. But somehow I think this might be one meeting that Daddy Dobson would rather she'd blown off.

Gee McCain, vet much?