Friday, October 03, 2008

Compare & Contrast

Listen to the accent.

Palin then (2006 Alaska Governor's Debate about same-sex marriage benefits -- Palin speaks around 1:45):

Palin now (last night):

Interestingly, in the older video there's no evidence of that folksy, G-droppin', "doggone it" style she's been affecting in the last month. Most people, when they leave Hicksville for the Big Time, become progressively better-spoken, not worse. Either Palin is regressing, or she's fakin' it, gol-darn it!

And why not? Georgie wore a cowboy hat around at his ranch and pretended to be a "plain-spoken guy, just like y'all" (in spite of an insanely wealthy, silver-spoon background). Worked for him!

(via andrew sullivan and TPM)