Monday, October 13, 2008

Countdown to Election Day

Yes, there is an election going on in Canada tomorrow. I admit to being completely and utterly mesmerized by the election south of the border -- in part because of the drama, but also because whatever they do affects the world, which means us. This is no doubt one of the reasons Harper chose the timing he did -- get the thing over with while nobody's paying attention.

But I am paying attention, and something that really stands out about this election is the diversity of those who are unimpressed with Harper. That includes the usual -- liberals, greens, NDPers -- but also social conservatives, who appear to be staging a bit of a revolt. Perpetually-aggrieved Socons are unhappy with Harper because he won't address their pet issues, and they rightly feel that helping to give him a majority would just prove to him that he can continue to ignore them. Some are talking about voting CHP, some about forming another party. Excellent ideas if you ask me! No, seriously.

Why not? If there was a real socon alternative, they could vote for it and stop asking why their issues are always ignored -- the reason would be glaringly obvious, since they'd have no chance of winning a seat anywhere. The CPC could return to red tory glory, the only viable form of Canadian conservatism. Whoever held power could stop wasting time and taxpayers' money farting around with idiocy like "fetal homicide" bills and concentrate on the real issues -- hello the economy? Everybody's happy!