Monday, October 27, 2008


Shorter GOP staffer: "That morally-bankrupt, thieving Democrat erased the tape from the bug we illicitly planted on his podium to catch any off-the-record gaffes he might make during a debate! Arrest him, officer!"

"Last week, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) squared off in a debate with Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford. But on Lunsford's podium a GOP operative had placed a small voice recorder, presumably to pick up some off-mic comments Lunsford might make -- apparently a violation of the debate rules.

(The recorder itself -- sans recording -- was eventually returned.)" [...]

"And now St. Onge and the chairman of McConnell's campaign have filed a criminal complaint against Lunsford for petty larceny and destruction of property -- because of the erasure." (emphasis smirkingly mine)
Isn't this a little like calling the cops to report that someone ripped off your drug stash?

And Mitch McConnell... Mitch McConnell... hmmm... Oh yes, that fine upstanding example of GOP values.