Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frum gets spanked

You'd think that being the ex-Bush speechwriter who came up with the term "axis of evil" would be pretty solid conservative cred. But David Frum is feeling the wrath of readers and fellow NROers who accuse him of being a latte-sipping tool of the Liberal Media, all because he expressed his low opinion of bozo VP candidate Sarah Palin. Frum responds to his tormenters:
"Do my correspondents (and now my Corner colleagues) truly believe that - but for my pitiful media and social ambitions - nobody in America would have noticeed that Sarah Palin cannot speak three coherent consecutive words about finance or economics?" [...]

"Possibly it is bad form for me to acknowledge this reality. As one of my correspondents wrote this very morning:

PLEASE KEEP YOUR REMARKS TO YOURSELF! Nobody but Democrats wants to hear them.

Well he may have a point.

Perhaps it is our job at NRO is tell our readers only what they want to hear, without much regard to whether it is true. Perhaps it is our duty just to keep smiling and to insist that everything is dandy - that John McCain's economic policies make sense, that his selection of Sarah Palin was an act of statesmanship, that she herself is the second coming of Anna Schwartz, and that nobody but an over-educated snob would ever suggest otherwise." (emphasis mine)

Now you're catching on, Dave. That free speech thing? Nah. Only when it toes the party line. Otherwise all bets are off, you red tory bastard.

(via andrew sullivan)