Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's on

Biden - Palin, I mean (I watched ours last night, but of course I already know how I'm voting so it was kind of a non-issue for me).

Watch for a new Palin tonight, an aggressive Palin, a more dangerous Palin than before. She's been getting talking points up the wazoo all week, so she'll be spitting them out like Chatty Cathy. Expectations are so low for her that if she doesn't fart loudly and drool on her cue cards she'll be doing well.

She's already said "I may not answer questions the way you want me to, but I'm gonna talk straight to the American people". So that's the game plan, she's not answering questions. Ha! I wonder why!

And Joe looks just smokin', of course... what a deadly smile...

To be continued...

UPDATE: Biden hit one out of the park. He started off slow -- I think he was thrown off his game a bit by the way Palin immediately started barreling past the questions with an explosion of talking points. But he regained his footing when the debate turned to foreign policy, and after that it was all his. He came across as authoritative, knowledgeable about the issues, and reassuring. He did a great job continually linking McCain to Bush, which Palin was unable to dispute because basically, they are the same. I LOVED his answer about how he discovered that the ideology of SC judges is so important, to protect rulings like Roe. I love him for that. So will a lot of women.

Palin didn't drool on her cue cards so she did okay, but her "I won't answer the questions, just spew talking points" style was disconcerting. She was trying to just survive, which she accomplished, but wow. What a bizarre performance.

The debate won't change anyone's mind to vote GOP, but it may make some undecideds feel more comfortable about voting Democrat.