Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LPC -- Just say NO to McKenna

The Liberal Party of Canada is a progressive party, right? And that means they look out for womens' rights, correct? So they're pro-choice, no? Well, not so fast.

Those of us who were following Bill C-484 (the "Kicking Abortion's Ass" bill) expected the Conservatives to vote for it en masse, but were dismayed to find that it was actually a small contingent of socially conservative Liberals whose votes helped the nefarious thing get past its second reading.

Now Dion is stepping aside and a new Liberal leader being sought, and one of the names that's come up is Frank McKenna. It's bad enough that the Liberals harbour some socially conservative MPs, but now they're considering a virulently anti-choice leader? I concur with Birth Pangs:
"Birth Pangs readers will remember that New Brunswick is Canada’s answer to Kansas. A place so benighted that the provincial government flouts the Canada Health Act and refuses to pay for abortions unless they are carried out in a hospital with the APPROVAL OF TWO DOCTORS. A place so uncaring about women’s rights that said provincial government is being sued by Dr Henry Morgentaler — he of the Order of Canada — to secure the same rights for New Brunswick women as for other Canadian women.

And Frank McKenna had a lot to do with what is the matter with New Brunswick."

Just imagine how McKenna as Liberal leader would respond the next time another Bill C-484 comes around (and it will -- the fetus fetishists probably started lobbying for some MP to put forward another Private Member's Bill the minute the election was over). If the LPC is a progressive party, it needs a progressive leader, not a dinosaur who opposes womens' reproductive freedom. Not only that, but the LPC caucus needs to get its shit all in one bag as far as where it stands on stealth legislation that erodes abortion rights. Smarten up, Libs.