Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The final Presidential debate has come and gone, for good or ill, and although it wasn't a rout like the last one, Obama still won hands down.

It was a pivotal debate for McCain, who was sweating out of every orifice. He was aggressive at first, but things started going wrong very quickly when the discussion turned to the negativity of his campaign and rallies. McCain's descent into degradation and insanity was rapid. He was sorry. He wasn't sorry. His feelings were hurt. The Obama campaign was all negative, and the McCain campaign was all about the economy. He finally lost his grip completely and spiraled into McAngry, rolling his eyes, sneering and jeering, lying, interrupting, talking past, over and through Obama. McUgly, McDesperate and McDone.

As for Obama, his was a fine, if a bit policy-wonky, performance. He repeatedly steered the demented McNasty away from personal attacks and back to the issues. But by far his best moment was when he was able to answer, straight-faced, the question "Is Sarah Palin qualified to be President?". Now that's an achievement. Just for being able to do that, Obama won.

But don't take my word for it. Uncommitted voters polled also give it to Obama:
CBS: 53 - 22
CNN: 58 - 31
Survey USA: 56 - 28