Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political Compass - updated update

Last February, I took the Political Compass test and posted it here, then added some commenters who also took it. This is where we stood:

I just now took it again to see if anything's changed, and it appears that I'm slightly more libertarian, and further right(!?):The change might reflect my fury about the economic situation and the bailout of the Wall Street greedsters in particular, (which, even though it doesn't affect me directly, still made me want to upchuck).

Take the test, I'll add you to the chart and we'll see where everyone stands. If you want to play, just leave your result (the economic/social numbers) in the comments.
UPDATE: The quadrants have been named!

UPDATE II: Chart revised to add some context. (Jan from the Bruce is charting out how well we match our political parties here.)