Thursday, October 09, 2008

Your morning SHRIEEEEEEEK!!!

My "lifeshite" tab is starting to jiggle and jerk and rumble as though it's trying to jump right off my bookmarks bar! That can only mean it's time to pop the corks again, because surely the Apocalypse is upon us:

"Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) the political arm of the pro-life movement has led the public outcry against the nomination with a petition of over 30,000 Canadians, commissioning the largest poll in the country on the subject..."
They're sure getting their money's worth out of the MASSIVE poll. Too bad, suckahs, we won. You lost. Own it. Get over it. Have a glass of champers...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Congratulations, Dr. Morgentaler!

NOT TOTAL LOSERS UPDATE: Birth Pangs is all over it, baby!