Saturday, November 01, 2008

Et tu, Jonathon?

As the US election campaign winds down, Canadian wingnuts are weighing in. Some are still in Denial, clinging to the tired old bullshit about the Biased Lie-beral Media and Obama's -- cue Hallowe'en music -- "past associations". Some have progressed to the Anger stage, blaming McCain for running a stupid campaign. And some... are rooting for Obama?? Here they are, in all their wingnutty glory.

The warped:
"One wonders how often Michelle sees Mona Khalidi these days? Do they go for coffee once in a while? I hope so. Should old acquaintance be forgot? No, but it happens. People outgrow each other; they develop different interests. One may develop an interest in becoming First Lady.

Mona's husband is Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian-American academic. Republican candidate John McCain has described Professor Khalidi as an erstwhile spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization. When Obama was chummy with ex-Weather Underground terrorist Bill "I don't regret setting bombs" Ayers, who sat with Barack on the board of an "anti-poverty" charity called the Woods Foundation, they gave money to the American-Arab Action Network, run by Mona. The Khalidis and the Obamas socialized, and in 2000 the Khaldis hosted a polical fundraiser for the future Democratic presidential nominee."

The bitter:
"If it looks hopeless now, hours before voting day, it is McCain himself who has made it so.

It was McCain who never offered a coherent economic program. It was McCain who pronounced the fundamentals of the economy “sound” on the very day that Lehman Brothers collapsed. It was McCain who could not defend his own healthcare plan in toe-to-toe debate with Barack Obama. It was McCain who was ultimately responsible for a campaign that emphasized stunts and tactics over policy and strategy.

As a decision-maker, McCain proved himself impulsive and emotional, hasty and over-personal — and the revelation of those faults has frightened many voters at a time of economic anxiety."

The twisted:
"Whereas, Mr. Obama was from his political beginnings the darling of a Chicago political machine, notorious for both corruption, and harbouring radicals. His very smoothness and articulacy, even his blackness, made him their golden boy, assuring him of financial patronage along his way."
The incarcerated:
"Over the last 60 years in the United States, the governing party has usually changed after two terms. The stylistic shortcomings of the second Bush administration, McCain’s blunderbuss campaign and the financial crisis have all reinforced that likelihood. Under the Mephistophelean influence of the most biased media coverage of a U.S. election since Barry Goldwater in 1964, Obama’s peculiar associations have been downplayed and McCain has been portrayed as serving up a smear-job for raising them at all."
The... sane??:

"The tipping point came during last Tuesday's presidential debate, when I heard the GOP candidate tell Americans that he wants to take US$300-billion of taxpayer money and use it to pay off the mortgages of private citizens. I know these are rough times. But what kind of "conservative" seeks to socialize the financial risk freely taken on by millions of Americans through arm's-length home loans?"

"Finally, there's Sarah Palin. I'll admit that I was a fan when she was first named to the Republican ticket. She was funny and down to earth, and she gave a great speech at the GOP convention. Even when it was clear she was overmatched in her debate with Biden, I still stuck with her -- because I saw her on her own terms: as a stick in the craw of smug, secular, big-city liberal elites.

But then I realized that this was the only reason I liked her. After a few weeks, I began to focus on the idea of her as a (potential) U. S. Commander-in-Chief. On the crucial question of whether I would actually want this woman to be running the most powerful nation on earth, I really couldn't, in my heart, answer yes.

I suspect that many conservatives who profess to believe that Palin would make a great leader have secretly come around to the same view as me -- but their tribal political reflex won't let them admit as much.

That's an understandable gut reaction. But voting should be done with the head, not the belly. Count me among the millions of self-described right-wingers rooting -- this time--for the guy on the left."

I bet Mama's getting out the wooden spoon for that!