Monday, November 03, 2008

Kerry was ahead in 2004

I'm no psychologist but I know an Obama Derangement Syndrome*-driven pre-election nervous breakdown when I see one, and that is what seems to be in progress at our favourite fetus fetishist's blog as the spectre of an Obama victory looms on the American electoral horizon. All weekend long, SUZANNE's been feverishly cranking out desperate and furious posts that vacillate between painting a macabre picture of a post-Obama world awash in aborted fetuses and reminding everyone that there's still hope: John Kerry was ahead in the 2004 polls, too. Indeed he was, as you can see by the Electoral Vote projection for this day in 2004:

Then there's
today's projection:

Proving that there's "ahead" and then there's "AHEAD!!!11!!".

*Affliction named by JABbering Stooge