Monday, June 26, 2006

Iraq pullout plan now okay

even though last week it was "the worst thing to do". WTF!?? The Bush administration never ceases to amaze. This week they neatly swiped and claimed ownership of the Democrats' plan for an Iraq pullout, which only last week they called "cutting and running" and "the worst thing to do". With less than 5 months before mid-term elections, I guess they took a look at the poll numbers and realized that with the electorate's increasing Iraq-fatigue, the Democrats' platform of ending this chickenshit war might do some real damage. So in a feat of bullying worthy of any playground, the GOP jumped onto the pullout bandwagon, and pushed the Democrats off. Talk about a pre-emptive strike! Zing!! Now nobody seems to remember Cheney saying pulling out of Iraq would be the worst possible thing to do, or Rove calling the Democrats' plan "cut and run", and the Democrats' main platform has just been stolen from under them. It's almost unbelievable. But Americans will believe it, and unfortunately the Democrats don't seem to have it in them to launch a similarly vicious retaliatory strike.

So yes, I am calling BULLSHIT on this.