Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rush "Limp"-baugh nailed with bootleg Viagra

This is too good to be true. Extreme right radio ranter Rush Limbaugh was caught with a bottle of non-prescription Viagra as he returned from the Dominican Republic yesterday. Viagra, no less! Coming back from the Dominican Republic -- known to be one of the world's biggest sex tourism hotspots.

This is so good...I love it when a self-righteous, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious windbag like Rush is revealed (exposed?) for the vile sleazebag he really is. The greatest irony is that Rush's personal predilections have only come to light because of the invasion of privacy that his right-wingnut party promotes. And what's next for Limp Rushbo? Will the pig-dog who wrote "The War On Manliness" find a way to blame the "femi-nazis" for this? More importantly, will he do hard time for the crime? Will he do it at "Club Gitmo", as he sneeringly calls Guantanamo Bay? Will he remember not to pick up the soap?

Thanks, Rush. I haven't had this good a laugh since Bill O'Reilly got caught having phone sex with his assistant. (Oh, and the time Cheney "peppered" his buddy with birdshot.) Oh my god, I can't wait to see the Daily Show tonight.