Tuesday, June 13, 2006

They're back! The Almighty Aviators!

It's a dream come true. I wore these for over 2 decades in various incarnations; shades, glasses for distance, reading glasses, all aviator all the time. Eventually they became less than stylish, then kind of a joke, then it got to the point where people would tell me they wouldn't be seen with me unless I ditched the aviators. It was the turn of the new millenium that convinced me to relinquish my beloved aviators in favour of some oval-shaped glasses. Last year I was cleaning out my storage room and I came across a box containing a pile of aviator shades ... just couldn't let go, I guess. I tossed them, except for my Serengeti Drivers (pictured), which were so expensive there's no way I'd consider throwing them out. I figured I could be buried in them. But it looks like I don't have to wait that long: the Aviator has once again taken its rightful place at the height of fashion. (And on my dashboard and in my purse and best of all, on my face.)